A Navy Corpsman’s Lesson on Soul Surgery

My name is Matthew Budner and I served in the United States Navy for nearly nine years. I was a Navy Corpsman and spent most of my time in stationed at Marine Corps bases. After completing surgical technician school, I deployed to Iraq in August 2005. 18 months later I deployed once again to Al Asad Iraq witMatt Salutingh a surgical unit. I drank heavily prior to deploying and my drinking escalated to new heights when I returned home. Immediately upon arriving home in 2007 I began to experience negative consequences due to my heavy drinking.

Within a few years’ post-deployment, I had been arrested 3 times and my marriage was failing. I lost control of myself and my conduct as a sailor was terrible. Alcohol became my solution to everything. I was a broken man and it was only a matter of time before I was discharged. Being discharged from the Navy was a humiliating experience, one that was necessary for me to finally ask for help. It took less than one month for me to become completely homeless after discharge. The Navy did all that they could to get me treatment but I was unwilling to make any real changes to stop drinking.

No matter how much I drank or used I could no longer check out of the reality that I had created. I wanted to die and had no reason to live anymore. Thankfully, I was too scared to kill myself and I agreed to enter treatment again. I showed up to The Beacon House a broken man who pretended that he was okay. The Beacon House immediately started to show me how to live a principled disciplined life. The men were very comforting and helpful to me the second I showed up. I was told to get comfortable and then directed to be nice and help others. After doing some work with some awesome people I began to accept the idea of a loving God. The Beacon House taught me gratitude and faith. These qualities are invaluable to anyone who suffers from addiction. I began to look at life through a new perception. The Beacon House introduced me to God, and because of that I am a saved man.

Today, I have many reliable people in my life that I can call upon at a moment’s notice. I have a great relationship with my ex-wife and my son is now in my life. I am trusted and counted on by other people and all credit goes to God. I am employed at Hoag hospital and am trusted to assist in many different types of surgeries. More importantly, I have peace of mind and an excitement about life that only God could have restored. I owe everything to The Beacon House!!!

Matt Budner and friend Mikey       



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