Adam-PelkyBroken Marine Gets New Life

Adam Pelkie came into the Beacon House hopeless and helpless just like the rest of us.  He came in beyond human aid.

Adam joined the Marine Corps at 18 years old.  He wanted to be a part of the, “big picture.”  Like all of us here, he wanted to feel useful and whole and sought that in the military.  Adam spent six years in the Corps and served our country in Iraq.  Needless to say, time spent in a combat zone was traumatic in a variety of ways.  When he came home Adam looked for solace in all of the wrong places.  Alcohol cushioned the blow of returning to society.

The downward spiral began, and spree piled on top of spree.  As the wreckage piled up around him he slowly began to self-destruct.  He was slowly breaking down and his alcoholic life seemed the only normal thing he had.  Adam began getting into fights and neglecting his job.  This pattern of misconduct intensified and his brokenness was only getting worse.  He was admitted into VVRC a treatment program provided by the VA and it was here where his future would change.

As he began to emerge from the fog of alcohol abuse the guilt, remorse, and general insanity his life had become, reality set in.  He began to feel the gravity of the situation he was in.  The unfortunate situation with the alcoholic is we need to be beaten into a state of willingness.  For us, pain equals willingness. In the program Adam sat in on a number of panels.  There was one particular group of men who came in with something special, something attractive, and something he would listen to.  He described it like this, “they were so happy and excited to talk to us, they had a glow about them and genuine smiles.”   This was the turning point. It was his experience seeing the men from the Beacon House, coupled with a, “nudge from the judge,” that landed him at the Beacon House.

He went through the house and the miracle happened.  At the house Adam has become usefully whole again.  The work done in the house and in the surrounding communities creates a healing ripple effect not exclusively held within the house.  Moving forward,  Adam began to heal and started to enhance the world he had been alienated from.  He learned to freely give of himself and expect nothing in return.

Currently, Adam is finishing his fifth year in the house.  He completed is AA degree and is now attending LBSU perusing a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.  He has rebuilt relationships with his loved ones and has learned the meaning of giving.  Adam will be moving out of the house soon and living independently.  He will be working part time and going to school full time.  For a career, he hopes to teach adaptive physical education to students with developmental disabilities.

The Beacon House is in the business of making miracles.  They scrape men from the gutters and pull them from jail cells and turn them into shining examples in the community.  Families are repaired and the deeply wounded are healed.  Miracle is the only word with sufficient gravity to encompass the complete change generated in the men who come through the doors.  The men here make up a magnificent tapestry of personalities, backgrounds, and attitudes.  They do not come in the front door upright with their heads held high.  As a matter of fact, many of them slink up the steps or are dragged by a loved one or the court system.

Adam is just one on a long list of successes the Beacon House has produced.  This house has saved countless lives and freely given life.  The men who come in here are dying.  They are despairing and heartbroken.  They crawl in from the battlefield and are loved and healed.   This house is built on the platform of giving, and it does so without fail.  We are not asked for insurance, or cash, we don’t even need clothes to get in.  All they ask is willingness.  None of this would be possible without the support we receive from the community and from the people whose lives are touched and forever changed.  Beacon House is in the miracle business.  You should see for yourself.

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