From a Burden To a Success

Jason grew up in an alcoholic family. His father was a heavy drinker and his mother was addicted to painkillers. He remembers a lot of dysfunction in the home: loud arguments, fights, and screaming. His father was distant and his mother bought him gifts to buy his affection. It was not until he took up sports that his father began to show any real attention.Jason Marquez featured Beacon House Resident

When Jason was fifteen, his father died from alcoholism. This was a turning point for him. His mother turned away from him in her own addiction and Jason was left to his own devices. At sixteen he began using drugs and became homeless shortly after that. He lived in laundry rooms and started to steal to get what he needed to survive.

Jason spent the next eight years committing crimes and getting arrested. He was in and out of jail as a result. By the age of eighteen he was stealing cars. At the age of twenty one he was serving time in prison. At twenty three he was paroled and found out his mother was managing a sober living home and, with great reluctance, he moved in. Eventually he began a series of detoxification programs and sober living homes.

“The pain got worse and worse . . . a pit of misery and depression.” On Christmas Day he was arrested again for what would be his last period of incarceration. He was alone; no one wanted him in their lives, not even his mother. He had burned every bridge. Once again, he went from jail to yet another sober living home. He used again and was on the verge of being evicted and back on the streets once again.

This time he did not repeat the same old tired pattern. This time he asked for help. The manager of his sober living home got him into the Beacon House.

“The Beacon House introduced me to a whole new way of life. They cared for me when I could not care for myself. They showed me what true friendship is, what it means to be a part of life, to have purpose and fulfillment.” He learned that there was a solution to his problem and that he could be freed from his pain and misery.

Today Jason is furthering his education. He is very close to completing his AS in Business Management. He has completed Cosmetology School and he works as a hair stylist in a salon, doing what he loves to do. It is a dream come true for him. Jason never knew where to fit into in society before, but now he is taking what he has learned from the Beacon House and applying it as a functioning member of society.

Jason is but one success story. He was hopeless, helpless, and homeless. The Beacon House took him in and lifted him up to his feet. Thanks to your contributions, the Beacon House has helped Jason and many others to escape the pain and despair that alcoholism inflicts. Your contribution can help keep the doors open for the next man who needs help.

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