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Double your Gift this Giving Tuesday!

I need your help.

There’s a man named James who needs to get off the streets immediately.

And your gift — which will be doubled by a matching grant — can help get him his all-important first day at Beacon House. Because his first day at Beacon House will be the first day of the rest of his life.

IF we can get him here in time.

James just had his 30th birthday and it was a day of reckoning because he has nothing left. Whatever he dreamed of being he can’t even remember. He has no place to sleep. No money for food. He has nothing.

He was desperate and made one last phone call. He called his mom. He asked for her help.

There’s a chance to save James. He was able to ask for help. We have to answer his plea!

James did his part. Now it’s up to you and me.

And you can save him. You can stop the generational cycle of addiction and alcoholism. It can start right now with your special gift this holiday season.

Because – again – it all starts with his first day at Beacon House.

Your doubled gift will make an incredible difference. Your support can make today the day. The day that James gets off the streets. The day James’ mom knows he is safe. And the day that can be the first day of the rest of James’ life.

On Behalf of James and the men of Beacon House, please give like you have never done before.

Click Here to Double Your Gift