Strides in Recovery TeamBeacon House has partnered with Strides in Recovery to implement group fitness training into their recovery program. The new partnership emphasizes the importance of goal-oriented exercise for those in early recovery, and it is geared toward bringing a spirit of teamwork to the community through health and fitness awareness. The Beacon House team meets regularly for long-distance walking and running while training for a half marathon later this year.

Strides in Recovery Founder Leslie Gold is an RRCA Certified Coach who has been helping people in recovery train for and finish endurance races, including the LA Marathon, since 2013. She started the program because she was inspired by those who said the experience of training with her was critical to their long-term sobriety. “Regular exercise helps people feel better about themselves physically, emotionally and mentally,” she shared. “When done with a group, it builds camaraderie, community and connection.”

Strides In Recovery - Exercising for Mental Peace

“Strides in Recovery is honored to partner with the Beacon House to support their body-mind-spirit approach to long-term sobriety,” Gold continued. “Substance use disorders have derailed so many lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the support of our partner organizations, donors, volunteers and team members, we can work together to be part of the solution.”

Archie Hoggan, Director of Relationships, recognizes how crucial consistent exercise is for those in early sobriety. “Endurance training has been a cornerstone of my recovery,” he said. “Not only do I get physical health benefits, but regular exercise builds discipline and increases a deeper spiritual connection. I am in a position to free my mind and do not succumb to trivial distractions.”

The Beacon House team believes that this partnership with Strides in Recovery will help them stress the importance of physical exercise and overall health awareness as an integral part of a sustained recovery from addiction.