The Beacon House and Homeless Outreach

Altruism is defined as: the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. This is the movement sewn into the fabric of the Beacon House. The men in the house have been peeled from the concrete, pulled from jailhouses, and delivered from a state of utter hopelessness. They understand what it feels like. They have, “depth and weight.” The men here know what it is like to be disconnected from the human experience. This is what drives them right back into the midst of the chaos and pain with helpfulness and hope in their hearts.Feeding Homeless Man Sleeping in San Pedro

The men of the Beacon House dive head first into opportunities like this. When a call for volunteers goes out, every single hand within ear-shot goes up. The homeless outreach program has hewn inspiration and given the guys an opportunity to help those in the very same situations they had been delivered from so gracefully.

Without missing a beat lunches are assembled vehicles are revved up and spirits are high. 50 or more meals are prepared in less than an hour and a small team is gathered. A very basic strategy is implemented and very little direction is needed. The goal is to go and reach out to those still trapped in the darkness. Whose home is the street and their beds are concrete. Where bathing is a luxury and a hot meal is sometimes only a fleeting memory. Such a simple plan can do so much.Feeding-The-Homeless-On-San-Pedro-Street-Corner

Though the food is important, the human interaction is what fuels this force. The shaking of a hand, the eye contact, the unwavering compassion and empathy are the catalyst for making a connection. The men pass along hope and a warm meal. A kind word and an understanding nod. But, beneath all of those things is the unspoken communication that only one who has been one of the forgotten could know. The men of the Beacon House were lost and have been found. Their only hope is that those who are still lost can be found too. Not for profit. Not for accolades. They have been spared. Why shouldn’t others be spared too?