Newsweek Best Addiction Treatment CentersBeacon House has been ranked one of the best addiction treatment centers in the United States by Newsweek Magazine. The comprehensive survey conducted by Statista, Inc. placed Beacon House as one of the nation’s top 200 treatment facilities that focus on addiction based on counseling and therapy, medical support, amenities and follow-up care.

The survey rated treatment programs largely (80%) on a scoring system generated from the recommendations of thousands of industry experts, therapists and medical professionals. It also included evaluations from staff and counselors from other treatment centers nationwide. The remainder of the analysis (20%) was taken from state accreditation authorities, including the state substance abuse agency, state mental health department, hospital licensing authority, and healthcare facilities accreditation program. Click here for complete details on the methodology and scoring.

Beacon House Executive Director Brian Smith said, “It is important to take into account the observations of colleagues and industry experts who have the insight as to what really happens every day in the environment of addiction and recovery. I believe this is the best way to truly get a full picture of a treatment center’s effectiveness – from counselors and therapists on the front lines. The fact that our colleagues regard us in this way is certainly an honor.”