Mission Statement

The mission of the Beacon House Association of San Pedro is to help men recover from the diseases of alcoholism or addiction to other drugs. The Association provides food, shelter, counseling, and the time to build a foundation in recovery and to return to family, home and community.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Beacon House is to provide the best possible recovery experience for the men who come to us for help. We do this by maintaining a safe, clean, healthy environment; providing proven methods of treatment and support; having staff who are well-trained and experienced in treatment; and treating each individual with the compassion, care and respect they deserve.

The Beacon House Association of San Pedro is a state-certified, residential substance abuse recovery program for men with a sincere desire to achieve long-lasting abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

As residents of the Beacon House, the men are provided with food, shelter, counseling, peer group support, educational opportunities and career training through our social enterprise programs, including the Beacon House Thrift Shop. This allows the men to develop the life, career and social skills they need to build a foundation in recovery, while preparing them for a strong reintegration into the job market and a bright future when they return to their family, home and community.

The Beacon House was named one of the best addiction treatment centers in the U.S. by Newsweek Magazine.

Our Community

With the support of our donors and the local community, we have helped thousands of men regain their place as responsible, productive members of society through addiction treatment, workforce development and educational opportunities.

Our staff members are empathetic individuals who work together to maintain a sense of camaraderie and provide valuable supportive services so necessary for the recovery of alcoholics/addicts. Many of them are graduates of the program themselves. They are also diverse in culture, education and life experiences, which further enhances the quality of life in our therapeutic community and the recovery of the men who walk through our doors.

Our History

The Beacon House Association of San Pedro was founded in 1970 by Father Art Bartlett, a local minister, and Michael Dowling, an alcoholic merchant seaman. Incorporated in 1974, we began with a single two-story building and 18 residents.

Over the past 50 years, we have grown to encompass a full city block in San Pedro, adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles, including six residential facilities with the capacity to house 110 residents, as well as a kitchen/dining facility, and a training, education and meeting facility.

If you’re ready to get help and work hard for it, Beacon House is where you should land. If you’re really tired of being sick and struggling, get in there. I’ve seen and continue to see the lives given back to so many. It’s not easy, but the staff is ready for you and are ready to help you get back into life.


What a fantastically successful program! The house provides a safe haven for men who have lost hope of recovery, but who are willing to grasp one last opportunity.


Outstanding place for treatment. If a male is committed to treatment, the Beacon House will make them into a man.

Drea S

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