long term residential recovery for alcoholism and addiction

Beacon House is dedicated to our mission of helping men recover from the diseases of alcoholism and addiction to other drugs. We provide peer driven counseling, support, food, shelter, and experiences for residents to successfully navigate their path to sobriety and stability. 

Why Choose Us

Dedicated Clinical Staff

Our certified and accredited counselors comprise decades of AA based knowledge and experience.

Safety and Compliance

Residents are supervised and surrounded by a safe and structured environment at all times. All areas of our program meet compliance regulations.

Advantage of our long term approach

Long term aspect gives residents the time needed to build relationships and set life goals while being introduced to a new set of principals in early sobriety.

hear what others have to say

Meg Y

This place not only changes lives, it saves them. They take fathers, sons, brothers, friends. Most inspiring, they take strangers who are close to death, despair and at the lowest moment in their life. They take them off the streets and support them in every sense of the word until they’re in a better place emotionally, physically, spirituality.


There are not enough words to describe the gratitude and appreciation for the staff at the Beacon House. I was recently able to witness their work first hand at my son’s graduation from Phase 1 – it was amazing.

Tim L

A friend of mine introduced me to Beacon House recently and they continue to amaze me at every event. I have attended some of the Bistro events, as well as the annual galas. The men of Beacon House run the events like a high end restaurant. The men in the kitchen cook the most delicious food. The men who are waiting tables are so attentive you would think you are fine dining. The most inspiring thing is that you are able to sit at the table with someone who has gone through the program or is currently and it is just amazing to hear how much Beacon House as saved them.

Rebecca D

Beacon House gave me back my brother! This program saved his life – I honestly believe that! It has been over four years and he’s still clean and sober. In fact, he is excelling in a way I haven’t seen. . . ever.

Chandra V

The Beacon House is a haven for the lost ones who choose to find themselves. It provides a blessed opportunity with the fulfillment of the fundamentals of living from generous donors so you can focus on healing from the inside out. You got the leadership of powerful examples of success. These hands are leading willingly from darkness to light. I love this healing haven and would recommend those in need.

Guy N

My son went through the program and it changed his life. He is back to being my son again after a long standing bout with alcoholism. I have also admired and thoroughly enjoyed the many dinners and fundraisers Beacon House puts on because it allows parents, donors and sponsors to interact directly with the men going through the program.

Jennie H

This year amidst several other milestones we celebrated my son's 5th year of sobriety. Without his sobriety, nothing else would have been possible. He continues to be supported by the Beacon House, through friendships, mentors and the many men that have gone before him. This unique program has given him the guidance and support that he needed to make a meaningful and happy life for himself. We are very grateful.

The Norwegian Seamen's Church

The Norwegian Seamen's Church has been in San Pedro since 1941. Our closest neighbor is Beacon House and they are the best neighbors anyone could ask for. They provide great services to San Pedro and they make the neighborhood feel more secure with their presence. Whenever we need help to setup and run big events they show up with a smile and do a great job. There are so many different jobs that they have helped us with, we feel truly blessed. They are just the nicest guys you could meet! At the church we have been so touched to hear their stories and we wish them all the best in the years to come!

Mac M

I could not say enough good things about the Beacon House. As a lifelong resident of San Pedro, I can say with the utmost confidence that this institution is one of the best things to happen to this town. It is not only serving exactly the needs of the community, but it has done some life-changing work for those in the program-- to the point where I would hope that every town in America could get to have a Beacon House open up in their community, as to bring a positive and inspiring experience to all levels of involvement. Very rarely in the world do you see truly good things happening so efficiently, so clearly, and so directly. For that reason, I can't say enough good things here. I look forward to my next visit and I want to thank anyone who has ever donated their time and money to the Beacon House.

Mary C

I have worked professionally in the field of addiction treatment for 37 years. Beacon House provides the deepest, most comprehensive and effective recovery of any treatment center I've ever heard of or encountered. The mental, emotional, behavioral, social and spiritual transformations in Beacon House men are nothing short of miraculous. I am proud to know these men of honor and grace, and grateful to all those who support The Beacon House.

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