Beacon House is partnering with Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC) beginning in October to introduce some of the college’s curriculum into the in-patient treatment plans for the men in their recovery program. This unique partnership is designed to integrate additional opportunities for educational development into the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, including courses geared toward life skills and financial literacy.

The program will be coordinated through the counseling staff at the Beacon House and the Dean’s Office at LAHC. Archie Hoggan, Beacon House’s Director of Relationships said, “A union with Los Angeles Harbor College will allow Beacon House to expand into different treatment modalities and offer classes in vital life skills, so when our men return to the workforce, they can better market themselves for employment opportunities. Ultimately, I believe this partnership will provide a more well-rounded and sustainable recovery for our residents.”

Priscilla Lopez, LAHC’s Dean of Adult and Community Education is coordinating the effort with Beacon House as part of the college’s mission, “Education Changes Everything.” She said, “We are very excited to be providing the Beacon House residents with career readiness training and financial literacy classes to help them get a start on their new path in life.”

LAHC President Dr. Otto Lee is confident that the partnership will prompt a ripple effect in the community as a whole. He shared that “Los Angeles Harbor College is happy to work together with the Beacon House to meet the needs of the community.”

Many people leave substance abuse programs without the necessary job training or life skills education that allows for a healthy and successful reintroduction to society. Both Beacon House and LAHC agree that combining a life skills curriculum with long-term treatment is vital to a productive and sustainable recovery. This new partnership further strengthens the life and job skills that the Beacon House men already develop through their social enterprise programs, giving them greater opportunities to build a successful future.